Total Immersion swimming

The difference between Total Immersion swimming and traditional swimming lessons.

The Full Immersion Method (FIM) teaches people to swim based on conscious, efficient strokes as opposed to forceful, often uncontrolled swimming of endless lengths. It is based on swimming with the whole body instead of just grabbing with the arms and kicking hard, as used in traditional swimming lessons.

The result is a comfortable, beautiful and economical style without excessive water resistance that delivers real pleasure. In addition, the results of the exercise come much faster than with the conventional teaching method. Exercises build on each other logically and are performed in the much needed balanced, horizontal body position. No pain in the cervical or lumbar spine, shoulder joints.

Why Totam Immersion swimmers are able to swim easily ?

From the very first exercise, the goal is to lead the swimmer to feel lightness in the water, just like in every other exercise.This is the foundation on which the whole swimming style is built. With assistance in the water and demonstrations from the instructor, the path to success is easy. Our "students" are amazed at lessons how they can swim 60 min. without exhaustion. With Total Immersion, anyone can be able to swim long distances and still enjoy it.

Video: Marie Vávrová, demonstration of swimming kraul by full immersion method

Is Total Immersion also for experienced swimmers ?

We can always improve in swimming.

Total Immersion helps both beginners and competitive swimmers, as improved technique means faster progress through the water. Swimmers also have better control over the alternation of tension and relaxation that is so important for endurance. This is why they swim gracefully even at higher speeds.

Here are the words of MUP's all-time best freestyler, Shane Gould: "In the 1970s I won three Olympic medals and broke eleven world records. But now in my middle years I am swimming more fluidly and my paces feel stronger than they did in my 'golden years'. I owe it all to the MUP swimming technique, which cured my injuries during training using the full immersion method. I now swim more gracefully, with more ease, fluidity and pleasure than I did when I was 15. Indeed, I am sure I am swimming better because my tempos are longer, stronger and smoother."

If you are interested in the Total Immersion technique, we would be happy to welcome you on one of our swimming courses. For more information about swimming with this technique, try our individual lessons